Sound Art Curating Conference Series - ISACS

ISACS - International Sound Art Curating Conference Series

The next iteration of ISACS will be held at ZKM in Karlsruhe in August 2017.


Resonant Worlds: Sound, Media, Art (ISACS2017) will be hosted by ZKM in Karlsruhe and will broadly address the resonant worlds of sound, media and art as transdisciplinary situations and ask the key-questions: is sound art curating a post-humanistic activity? How should we best study sound art curating? What are the methodologies of the transdisciplinary activities of sound art curating, operating in-between practice and theory?


A smaller exhibition of sound art and concerts will take place at ZKM as part of the conference.


There will be an open call for artworks, concerts, curatorial and academic papers. All

proposals will receive a 'double blind' review. Stay updated on our Facebook page.


ISACS Board & Conference Chairs: Peter Weibel (CEO, ZKM), Barbara London (Curator,

New York - formerly MoMA), Joasia Krysa (Director, Festival of Art, Liverpool - formerly

Kunsthal Aarhus), Janis Jefferies (Professor, Goldsmiths, London), Morten S√łndergaard

(Associate Professor, Aalborg University, Founder of ISACS, Head of ISACS Board)